Good morning Regina,

I’m sorry for the delay in contacting you, these days have been very busy for me.

I come here to thank and say that everything went well with my cargo. It has arrived in perfect condition, and it was all right to release as well. I’m very happy with the service and support I received from MELLOHAWK Logistics.

Have a great day and a good weekend!


Aline Witkowski
Client of Personal Effects shipping from Toronto to São Paulo

Good morning Regina,

We are very happy after finally seeing our belongings again. Thanks God that Air Canada landed safely. There were just few scratches on the stainless steel clothesline and in the sled, but considering the volume of our shipment, that was nothing. We couldn’t open the boxes yet, because when we got to the Customs in Brazil, we were informed that in order to clear our cargo, we needed to do move everything in the same day. We were luck because we found a moving company in “Guarulhos” who were able to transport everything at once today (June 27, 2016).
My husband and I thank you so much for all the care and attention you and the MELLOHAWK Logistics team had with our cargo. Everytime that I have any friend who need to ship anything to Brazil, I will make sure to give MELLOHAWK Logistics’ contact number.

Mr. Arnon, your company really has a very liable and careful team. I remember when the guy who did the packing for us in your warehouse was doing the work singing at the same time. My husband and I were very impressed, because we could see how much joy and passionate about his job he was.

Thank you so much
Best Regards,

Shirley Meyer e Gary Meyer
Clients of Personal Effects shipping from Toronto to São Paulo

Dear friends,
After receiving my personal and household effects, with all the boxes in perfect condition, Alba and I felt obliged to thank the careful attention, patience, professionalism that shaped the success of your work. Thanks also the fortunate to have had the guidance of our mutual friend Valdemar Pizarro and of all employees who worked in each of the tasks. As satisfied customers, we feel committed to recommend your services to those who contact us and we wish the deserved success for your future business and personal life.
Best regards

Alba e Ariel
Clients of Personal Effects shipping from Brazil (Salvador-Montreal)

I have known Peter and Arnon for years on a personal basis before they established MELLOHAWK Logistics. As individuals, they have always been considerate and respectful of others and are renowned for their contributions to various organizations and the community in general.

MELLOHAWK Logistics, as a company, represents the same virtues its founders express in their personal lives. It is a business that makes a conscious effort to improve the lives of its employees, provides unparalleled service to its customers and plays an integral part in the betterment of the local community.

The programs that MELLOHAWK Logistics promotes and supports are too numerous to list, but it is fair to say that the direction of this company, operated by Peter and Arnon, mirrors their lives outside of business. It takes a responsible and proactive approach to its customers; it provides a supportive family atmosphere for its employees and it gives back to the community on a daily basis.

Business is better because of MELLOHAWK Logistics. Many companies could learn from their business model.

Douglas Docherty
Comstar International

MELLOHAWK Logistics begins and ends with people. This is exemplified by the relationships they are able to maintain in all links of the supply chain and by providing a forward-thinking, exciting and ethical corporate-culture for its employees. As timelines and expectations continue to get increasingly more demanding in today’s hectic business climate, MELLOHAWK differentiates themselves from their competition by their exceptional reliability and ease-of-doing business, fully endorsed by their loyal, satisfied and repeatable clientele. MELLOHAWK Logistics, led by a strong management team of Peter Hawkins and Arnon Melo, continue to make a positive impact in every business and people’s lives they touch.

Corey Anquetil

I am sure there are many businesses and people out there worthy of receiving recognition for their contribution to their wider community. I am, however, still to meet a company, like MELLOHAWK Logistics, that just seems to be flawless when it comes to delivering outstanding customer service, supporting cultural projects and their community, and promoting businesses opportunities and development. The MELLOHAWK team, led by Arnon and Peter, have supported ventures even outside of Canada. We met while working for the Brazil Film Fest in Toronto (which they sponsored) and then when we took off back to New Zealand they were the first to bet on the project. Now we are in our third edition and happen to be the largest annual Brazilian event in New Zealand. Their sponsorship, more than money was to help me believe it could happen! Cheers mate! Keep shining!

Leandro Cavalcanti – New Zealand

I remember when Peter & Arnon started MELLOHAWK and they were in a tiny office. Even then, they were building community – wherever they went, and with whomever they worked with. They have such a unique way of building relationships and bringing people together, while bringing out the best in them. As a client, I always knew that I could count on them to be there to help us through whatever wild request we had. They exemplify tailored customer service and have maintained that personal touch as their business has grown.  As a friend, they have always been there for me when I needed them, just as they are for their employees, clients and community.

Jen Anquetil

MELLOHAWK assisted us with some personal freight transports during a difficult time when our friend was terminally ill – Peter arranged everything seamlessly, and was infinitely patient and supportive – we couldn’t have done it without him. It is one example of many of Peter and Arnon’s kind spirit and humanity.

Patricia Swerhone

Note perfect blend of compassion, professionalism, knowledge and creativity. I can’t think of using another logistics company for anything of importance and it’s rather difficult to think of human beings in my circle who do so much to better the world we share. They’re near the top of a short, treasured list.

Roben Goodfellow

Peter and Arnon have a true appreciation for what it takes to create a positive work environment. Their employees are loyal to the core because they are treated with the utmost respect and are given opportunities to excel.  On a personal level, you couldn’t ask for two more generous and committed individuals who would give you the shirt off their backs while smothering you with love and kindness.

Roy Runions

I am one of the immigrants they talk about. I worked part time for MELLOHAWK for many years. MELLOHAWK paid for courses for me and on April 1st this year I started full time. They believed in me. My dream came true.

Nadia Silva

I am a former employee with MELLOHAWK (for three years) and I left to pursue my dream of living in New York. They always treated us with respect and good will and believed in all we can do. They are generous with their employees (they even paid for a course I was taking even after I left) and their donations. They give big (both professionally and personally) to the humane society, PWA, ACT, Breast Cancer Awareness and many other charities. They support a men’s shelter in Brazil, and have sponsored many plays, concerts, festivals and events. They run a business not a charity but they believe in giving back.


They treat their customers the best… I met Arnon and Peter 10 years ago and know they run a professional business and always have time for their clients! They know that running a business is all about relationships you build one at a time.


MELLOHAWK is a small company that gives back to the community like a huge company. It’s a better world because they’re in it.

Robert Chazz Chute

Arnon and Peter are outstanding people whose generosity of time, money and spirit seems limitless. In 2007, I arranged the collection and shipment of books to a rural school in Rwanda where I was a teacher. MELLOHAWK not only navigated the mysterious world of logistics for us, from the collection of the books to their arrival in Rwanda, they also covered the costs of the shipment. The students and teachers were beside themselves with delight when they opened the boxes and I am eternally grateful for Arnon and Peter’s gift! Thank you!

Cathie Twizere

I have known Arnon for over 10 years. I have seen MELLOHAWK start and grow into a wonderful organization which not only provides outstanding service to their customers, but provides great leadership to their employees. Arnon and Peter’s service does not stop at their business door, but continues into their community both here and abroad by participating in various charities. I wish them a mountain of success because I know they deserve it and that they will share with others.

Vania Gava

Great company and great people to deal with.


MELLOHAWK has been a great company to see grow over the years! It is always exciting to see a group of people develop and drive a conscientious approach to customer satisfaction. Peter and Arnon have created an amazing team approach, unique to their industry. The notion of MELLOHAWK gaining notoriety is overdue…just ask the customers!

Peter Henry

We’ve had a logistics relationship with MELLOHAWK since our company began over 7 years ago and they have always been a very supportive partner as our business has grown. I’ve seen them mentor new immigrants, giving them an opportunity for training, fulfilling work and personal support, and ultimately developing them into outstanding employees – many of whom I’ve had the pleasure to work with over the years. They have only my best wishes. They are a great company with a great future!

Georgia Green

Our company has worked with MELLOHAWK for over 5 years now and I love the personalized service that we get from them. This is all too rare these days. They have helped us resolve countless critical logistical issues that could have negatively impacted our business. I would recommend MELLOHAWK to anyone who is looking for terrific, knowledgeable service.

Monica Spence

I have had the pleasure of dealing with MELLOHAWK for almost five years in a professional capacity. I would not trust any other company with my freight forwarding and can say that they have consistently exceeded my expectations!

Their commitment to their community is also very admirable!

I wish them the best in this challenge and can honestly state that they are the clear choice to win!

Tami Waters

MELLOHAWK is an amazing company that hires mature skilled immigrants. Everyone that I have met at the company is extraordinary — especially the company owner and founders Peter Hawkins and Arnon Melo. This is a little company with an enormous heart!

Allan Stratton

There is a reason why MELLOHAWK has gained success over the years! It’s the great teamwork! Peter and Arnon are very giving people and take the time to get involved with community events and sponsorships. CHEERS to Team MELLOHAWK! Wendy C Parlee

Wendy Parlee

I worked with them back in 2005 to export and re-import costumes from Brazil for the Brazilian Carnival Ball event in Toronto. The quality of their assistance was absolutely outstanding, both in Brazil and in Canada. I highly recommend their services to anyone

Carlos Eduardo Reginato
RSC Group

MELLOHAWK facilitated my move to Brazil in 2008 and their personal touch really was exemplary. Anyone who uses their service will be more than happy with the amazing results they will delivery. Good job Arnon and team.

Roberto Carvalho

There is no need for me to even think about it, you guys are hands down the best! MELLOHAWK facilitated my move to the US a few years ago and their personal touch was exemplary, right down to Arnon calling me and walking me through the customs process at my pick-up destination. Anyone who can make dealing with customs a breeze deserves an award! Good luck guys!

Martin Baksh

I’ve been dealing with MELLOHAWK for almost 7 years now and they are great to work with! They always go above and beyond the call of duty to satisfy their customers. Peter and Arnon are great people and that’s why they are blessed with a successful business.

You guys deserve to be Number 1! Good luck!

Karen Theodorou

It’s been a pleasure to work with MELLOHAWK. They are extremely efficient and reliable. Even the smallest job is done meticulously. They are always ready to jump through hoops to make our life easier!  I would like to thank Arnon for his continuous support and wish him all the best.

Sonia Sehgal

MELLOHAWK is the definition of hardworking. They always do whatever is necessary to reach any target given.

Roseli Gimenez

I have known Arnon & Peter for many years and have had the pleasure of working with them for over 4 now. They epitomize all the best qualities of outstanding leadership. They not only treat their employees as family, but more importantly, constantly encourage us to improve our working skills and knowledge through training. All of the foreign student trainees that have worked here leave with a positive Canadian experience and all want to return some day to work for us. The company sponsors many corporate and local events and my bosses are excellent role models, good businessmen, and the kind of neighbours that everyone wants.

Elga Mannik

The MELLOHAWK team are the best! They are always ready and willing to help, and will go over and beyond to ensure that their customers are always satisfied. They are the best of the best in customer service.

Leigh Joseph

As an entrepreneur, I highly admire and respect MELLOHAWK Logistics. It is inspirational in the venture world to witness the success of a company that also has a holistic approach to business. Canada needs more entrepreneurial spirit among its inhabitants and MELLOHAWK logistics is a formidable example on how to create, cultivate and disseminate the essential ingredients necessary to foster new enterprises!

Ricardo Barros

MH is a success story – not only as business, but also for working as partner with the Brazilian community and creating a community within its office. Truly inspiring!

Paola Saad

I love their spirit of giving and sharing to the Brazilian community. Besides being unique and one of a kind in Toronto, the company also supports other small businesses to grow. Arnon and Peter, I do respect you both.

Guiomar Campbell

Aside from being an absolutely brilliant logistics company, MELLOHAWK also gives back to their community in both volunteer hours and financial support. We were very fortunate to have them involved with our production of “Hockey: The Musical!” and the show would never have succeeded without MELLOHAWK ‘s unwavering support and friendship!

Chris Leidenfrost-Wilson

Personable, reliable, trustworthy and competitively priced – I wouldn’t trust our shipping with anyone else.

Grahame Hubbard