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MELLOHAWK Logistics: 15 years speeding clients to their goal

As we celebrate 15 years of international shipping business, we want to thank our clients who have trusted us for their success. Osh Bites is one of those clients. Lucas Holtz and Diogo Cabus came to us in 2016 to import their first pallet of the famous Brazilian Tapioca. With big ideas in mind, great dreams in their hearts, and a well-set business plan, they accepted the challenge to start a new business in Canada.

But no business starts without great effort. Before choosing their first product to import, Lucas and Diogo took several months researching the products that Brazilians, living in the GTA, missed the most. On the top of that list there was the Tapioca which is used to make a Brazilian style crepe.  They understood the market needs and decided to focus on the quality of product.

By the time they had their first meeting with MELLOHAWK Logistics, they already knew their market, their product, and their supplier in Brazil.

MELLOHAWK Logistics helped them to identify the requirements to import the product into Canada and to choose the most   profitable route, making the process as smooth as possible. Logistics plays a key role when it comes to better management of cost, and a company with the know-how of MELLOHAWK Logistics can help optimize their investment to achieve their goal. With Osh Bites initiative and MELLOHAWK Logistics experience they are achieving their goals in record time.

MELLOHAWK Logistics is fundamentally a combination of success stories, determination, persistence, hard work, and passion. For 15 years we have provided the highest quality service to ensure our maximum effort in helping our clients to thrive because their success is our success.

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