MELLOHAWK Logistics teams up with Beautiful World to Support Girls’ Education

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Krista O’Shaughnessy (Beautiful World Canada), and Arnon Melo (MELLOHAWK Logistics)

MELLOHAWK Logistics teamed up with Beautiful World Canada to send 26 suits to their graduating class in Uganda. Smythe donated the suits. Beautiful World is a Canadian charity that gives scholarships to help students complete secondary school, vocational school and university. Over 90% of their students are women. They work with very poor students in Sierra Leone, Uganda, Rwanda and South Africa. Currently, they are supporting 265 students. By investing in education, they can enable these students to create a brighter future, not only for themselves, but also for their families, communities and countries.

This year marks a great year of accomplishments for Beautiful World’s students in Uganda. They are the first in their program to complete University degrees. The courses they studied range from Information Technology to Bachelor of Science to Bachelor of Business Administration. Some students graduated from Bachelors of Quantitative Economics and one student graduated from a Bachelor of Community Health.

Beautiful World’s scholarship students come from different regions but many have similar pasts. Many students at this graduation are AIDs orphans and have been raised by extended families or grandparents. Beautiful World sees the benefits of educating women in West Africa – for every extra year that a girl stays in secondary school, her future income increases by 15% – 25%. Once she earns an income, she will reinvest 90% in her family, helping to lift them out of poverty. She will marry later and have fewer but healthier children. Her children will be much more likely to attend school.

MELLOHAWK Logistics sees the benefits in educating girls. The students in Beautiful Worlds program have overcome huge obstacles and have come out on top. These students will need interviewing clothes and deserve their hard work to be acknowledged – MELLOHAWK Logistics is insuring this happens. We have shipped the suits to Uganda. The jackets will be given out during a graduation ceremony late next month – stay tuned we will have pictures of the ceremony.

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